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ENT Medical Instrument (LiaoNing)Co., Ltd.


ENT Medical Instrument(LiaoNing)Co., Ltd.

ENT Medical Instrument (LiaoNing) Co., Ltd. is located in an coastal city Dalian, The company was founded in 2001. We have been focusing on special customization and processing services for high-value consumables in the medical industry for 19 years. In 2020, the company created its own brand ENTaccess. We are working hard to build China's first high-end enterprise focusing on the production of ENT medical consumables.

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ENT Medical Instrument (LiaoNing)Co., Ltd.

ENT Medical Instrument (LiaoNing)Co., Ltd.

We have our own professional design team that provided high-quality services to hundreds of companies.

Among them, we have also hired director Tang Xin, professor of otolaryngology at China Medical University, as our product consultant. We always insist the quality of products is the cornerstone of enterprise development, so we has been supported and trusted by our customers for many years. We also use the highest quality and most sophisticated products to give back to customers. we uphold the value that customer is our God, and all our employees  will provide you with the most reasonable all-around solution from the most professional perspective , the best quality choice, the most enthusiastic service.

We are moving towards a higher goal. We want to push our products to the international market and provide more companies with better services. Casting belongs to our brilliant "Transcendental Excellence, ACCESS Lead".

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