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  • Malleable Ear Dressing (Thermoplastic)

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Malleable Ear Dressing (Thermoplastic)

Product Advantages

1. The Malleable Ear Dressing (Thermoplastic) is made of medical grade low temperature thermoplastic, a kind of polymer materials, which can be trimmed at will without allergic reaction;

2. Being immersed in hot water at 70℃ for 1-3 minutes, it becomes completely transparent and softened. After being dried, it can be well adapted to the shape of auricle after being placed in the affected area and molded;

3. There are many vent holes on the surface for ventilation, heat dissipation and perspiration, which can prevent skin redness and itching;

4. Surgeons recommend that it can produce mild pressure on the injured area and less discomfort during removal;

5. Sterilization and independent packaging, disposable use.

Main Function Technical Parameters Cooperative Partner
Main Function

1. The Malleable Ear Dressing (Thermoplastic) can effectively help the small wounds in the external ear to heal;

2. It can avoid scarring as much as possible.

Technical Parameters
Product codeDescriptionDimensionsPackagingQty/Box
MEDT-E1201Malleable Ear Dressing Thermoplastic---Sterile10
MEDT-E1202Malleable Ear Dressing Thermoplastic---Sterile10
MEDT-E1203Malleable Ear Dressing Thermoplastic---Sterile10
Please contact customer service for confirmation, if you have special requirements.

Cooperative Partner

This product is suitable for all major medical institutions and plastic institutions.

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