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Nasal Airway

Product Advantages

1. The Nasal Airway is made of medical grade silicone material, soft and elastic, without allergy and ensures that the skin cannot be damaged or irritated;

2. It solves the problem of nasal obstruction caused by rhinitis and cold;

3. It is easy to use, insert and remove;

4. It is small, light and portable;

5. Sterilization independent packaging, disposable use.

Main Function Technical Parameters Cooperative Partner
Main Function

1. The Nasal Airway is used to keep breathing well when the nose is blocked; 

2. Because it is easy to carry and use, it can be used anytime and anywhere;

3. You breathe freely every day.

Technical Parameters
Product codeDescriptionDimensionsPackagingQty/Box
NA-N9201Nasal Airway---Sterile10
NA-N9202Nasal Airway---Sterile10
NA-N9203Nasal Airway---Sterile10

Cooperative Partner

This product is suitable for people with nasal obstruction.

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