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  • Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA)

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Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA)

Product Advantages

1. The Nasopharyngeal Airway is made of soft and elastic medical plastics, with good biocompatibility, without skin damage and allergy;

2. It solves the problem of upper respiratory tract obstruction caused by tongue falling back;

3. The wide edge of the top is helpful for the fixation of the Nasopharyngeal Airway;

4. The internal stripe makes it easy to insert into the suction catheter;

5. Various sizes and also sizes for pediatric use are available;

6. Sterilization packing, disposable use.

Main Function Technical Parameters Cooperative Partner
Main Function

1. The Nasopharyngeal Airway is suitable for upper respiratory tract obstruction caused by tongue falling back;

2. It is helpful to keep the upper respiratory tract unobstructed and assist in sputum suction.

Technical Parameters
Product codeDescriptionDimensionsPackagingQty/Box
NPA-N9101Nasopharyngeal Airway143.0-Sterile10
NPA-N9102Nasopharyngeal Airway163.5-Sterile10
NPA-N9103Nasopharyngeal Airway184.0-Sterile10
NPA-N9104Nasopharyngeal Airway204.5-Sterile10
NPA-N9105Nasopharyngeal Airway225.0-Sterile10
NPA-N9106Nasopharyngeal Airway245.5-Sterile10
NPA-N9107Nasopharyngeal Airway266.0-Sterile10
NPA-N9108Nasopharyngeal Airway286.5-Sterile10
NPA-N9109Nasopharyngeal Airway307.0-Sterile10
NPA-N9110Nasopharyngeal Airway327.5-Sterile10
NPA-N9111Nasopharyngeal Airway348.0-Sterile10
NPA-N9112Nasopharyngeal Airway368.5-Sterile10

Cooperative Partner

This product is suitable for all major medical institutions.

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