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  • Nasal prosthesis

  • Nasal prosthesis

  • Nasal prosthesis

Products Name

Nasal prosthesis

Product Advantages

1.Made of medical grade silicon material;

2.Gravel surface or adding anti slip groove can be selected according to your needs;

3.The gravel surface has skidproof and lightproof effect;

4.It can minimize the pressure on the skin;

5.The material is soft and easy to sculpture and shape;

6.Packed individually and ETO sterile make it trustingly to use;

7.Without any fluorescent agent that makes your experience more comfortable;

8.Can be customized according to your requirements of different sizes.

Main Function Technical Parameters Cooperative Partner
Main Function

1.The nasal prosthesis can be used in all kinds of medical plastic institutions;

2.It can realize all customers' pursuit of beauty;

3.Color and hardness can be customized according to your requirements.

Technical Parameters
Product codeDescriptionDimensionsPackagingQty/Box
NP-6101Nasal prosthesis--Sterile100
NP-6102Nasal prosthesis--Sterile100
NP-6103Nasal prosthesis--Sterile100
NP-6104Nasal prosthesis--Sterile100
Please contact customer service to confirm the specific size and packaging.

Cooperative Partner

This product is suitable for all major medical beauty and plastic surgery institutions.

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