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  • Singer Laryngectomy Tube

  • Singer Laryngectomy Tube

Products Name

Singer Laryngectomy Tube

Product Advantages

1.The Singer Laryngectomy Tube is made of soft medical PVC, with good biocompatibility, no injury or irritation to trachea, no allergic reaction;

2.It solves the problems of keeping the tracheostoma open and mechanical ventilation in the case of severe respiratory failure after tracheostomy;

3.The arc shape of the tube confirms to the principle of human engineering;

4.It can be perforated on the wall of the tube to fit perfectly with the voice prosthesis;

5.It has the advantages of simple operation, less damage and good tolerance;

6.The singer Lagrange Tube can be easily fixed on the neck with a neck strap;

7.Sterilization, independent packaging, can be used immediately;

8.Disposable use. 

Main Function Technical Parameters Cooperative Partner
Main Function

1.The Singer Lagrange Tube is used to keep the tracheostoma open after tracheostomy;

1.It can be worn for a long time to prevent tracheostoma stenosis after laryngectomy;

2.It can be used for mechanical ventilation in the case of severe respiratory failure.

Technical Parameters
Product codeDescriptionDimensionsPackagingQty/Box
SLT-T6101Singer Laryngectomy Tube----Sterile10
SLT-T6102Singer Laryngectomy Tube----Sterile10
Please contact customer service to confirm the specific type and relevant sizes.

Cooperative Partner

This product is suitable for all major medical institutions.

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